International Conference on SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY
13-20 June 2009 - Cortona - Italy

Topics and questions to speakers for International Science and Spirituality Meeting

Is science the final judge of reality? Is spirituality? Or is there a third possibility? How can science help expand rather than diminish the power of spirituality in people’s lives? Will spiritual insights be critical to the future advancement of science?


What is the source of the order in the universe? Can concepts such as evolution and emergence offer valid and sufficient answers?


What can meditation research, using state-of-the-art brain scanning and recording techniques tell us about the true character of spiritual experiences and practices? Is consciousness reducible to brain activity? Or, must consciousness be approached in a different way?


What does quantum mechanics have to do with mind, consciousness and spirituality? Does mind have an effect on matter? Can quantum mechanics provide a nexus between the first person experience and the objective world of third person science?


Is the universe more like an organism or like a machine? Is there a connection between scientific teleonomy and spiritual teleology.


What will it mean to be free in a society dominated by science and technology? What may be the role of the dialogue between science and spirituality in creating future human values? What might be the image of God in the 21st century?