International Conference on SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY
13-20 June 2009 - Cortona - Italy

Mission Statement

The power of science and technology has brought us to the point of never-before-experienced benefits, but at the same time, the results and products of these accomplishments are threatening our very existence. What is missing is a clear vision of global cooperation to tackle our shared problems. We seem to be witnessing a new spirituality in response to this crisis. Our goal at this meeting is to explore the proper relationship between scientific rationality and spiritual values and experience. In order to achieve this goal, we offer an environment that honors the full range of both human experience and intellectual analysis. We aim to inspire a reconnection with basic human values such as human dignity and respect for the whole of nature while at the same time, stressing the necessity of scientific inquiry. In order to effect this goal, we plan to invite creative thinkers to lead us in a week-long exploration of the questions which lie at the heart of the dialogue between science and spirituality. Our emphasis is not on providing pat answers, but on opening new possibilities of thought and action.