International Conference on SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY
13-20 June 2009 - Cortona - Italy

Meeting Size/Application Process

Total number attending the conference will be limited to 120, approximately 70 of which will be students. The program executive committee (Gailey, Luisi, Steindl-Rast, and Walleczek) will contact key professors at universities around the world and ask for student recommendations. Interested students recommended by these professors will be asked to fill out an application for admission. The application form will be provided either as a secure web link (passwords provided to the students) or through email. The program executive committee will review the applications and select attendees. At this time, advertising and open application will not be used. Our intention is to fill the meeting with exceptional students who
a) are recommended by leading professors,
b) represent various parts of the globe to the extent possible,
c) represent the physical sciences, philosophy, theology, and other disciplines, and
d) have a strong interest in this subject and wish to participate in an educational and transformative experience.